Ms. Jessica Goodman - Organizer, Speaker

Interim Community Development Manager
Ontario Native Womens Association

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Jessica Goodman is a proud mother to her beautiful daughters, Brooklyn, who is 10 years old, Zayda who is 1 years old. Jessica’s passion for supporting Indigenous mothers and children, inspired her to pursue a diploma in the Early Childhood Education Program, from which she graduated with honours. Jessica’s focus on Indigenous women and children, led her to the Ontario Native Women’s Association, where, in 2009, she began her journey as the Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children Family Home visitor. Jessica’s leadership, strength and dedication have supported the growth and informed the direction of the Aboriginal Healthy Babies, Healthy Children program. Over her years at ONWA, Jessica has gathered and shared her knowledge and skills, building and replenishing her cultural bundle, to support and empower Indigenous women and their families. Culture, has always been the foundation from which Jessica finds her strength and works to empower and build leadership within the community, her participation in the ONWA Drum group “Passwewe Ikwewug” is reflective of the depth of her connection to culture and community. Jessica remains committed to creating opportunities for Indigenous women’s leadership within their families and communities, working to achieve this in her position as Breaking Free from Family Violence Training Coordinator at the Ontario Native Women’s Association.
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Ms. Jessica Goodman's Sessions

Cultural Presentation

Elder ONWA Passwewe Ikwewug Women`s Drum Group
Date: March 15, 2021
Time: 8:30 am - 8:45 am