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''Pura Fé'' (Tuscarora/Taino) Indigenous activist-singer-songwriter-story teller, teacher-keeper of Canoe Songs, known for her distinct soulful vocals, Native Blues and lap-steel slide guitar recordings and sound tracks. Pura Fe is the founding member of the Internationally renowned Native women's a cappella trio "Ulali". Ulali's unique fusion of ancestral musical roots and message, created a movement and genre throughout Indian Country that not only empowered Native Woman's Hand Drum and Harmony throughout North America, but bridged Native music into the mainstream music industry. From movie soundtracks, Commercials, World Festivals, Platinum in Italy, to singing on Front Lines of Corporations, Social Injustice venues and Benefits Galore, they have left their stamp! Pura Fe has 6 sólo albums with her Native Blues and lap-steel slide guitar. Touring Europe with Music Maker Blues Review under Dixie Frog and Nueva Onda French labels, won her France's "L'academy Charls Cros" award (French Grammy) for Best World Álbum 2006 and Nammy for Best Female Artist. Pura Fe and Ulali appeared and consulted for the REZOLUTION Pictures Documentary ''RUMBLE": The Indians that rocked the world", which won First place at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival'. "This gave me a chance to reenact a piece of the Historical birth of Blues music that noone considers or hears about". As Joy Harjo says..."we are systematically written out of everything"! Those blood ties I call the Cross Roads of Red, Black on Blues...(Afro, Native and Celt)".  "Even though I was born and raised in New York City, it was my Ancestral roots, mixed blood lineage and family upbringing that is the path and doorway of my music that comes forth". "Being brought up by my mother, grandparents and family of women singers, we count eight generations of singing sisters through our maternal line as Indigenous Tuscarora, Deer Clan of North Carolina, and have Black and Scot-Irish ancestry as well". "My Black Ancestry stems from Afrikan Banjo Pickers from the Lee Plantation that married Tuscarora women during slavery". "I am the 9th generation of singers and my Grandparents and great Aunties moved to New York from North Carolina in the 1930s". "I went back home to NC and remain connected to family and many Indigenous communities". "My Father who did not raise me is from Puerto Rico also sang". "His Ancestry is Taino Indian of PR, Corsican and Spanish-Berber of the Canary Islands". "I grew up in Show Business on Broadway and Truck and Bus Tours and TV commercial's and Jingles paid for my education and dance training." "I sang in many bands...Like my mother who sang for Duke Ellington"s Sacred Concert Series, I sang with the Mercer Ellington Orchestra and did a lot of Demo Recordings for many well known artists and composers". "In my early teens my family and I became a part of the Urban Indian scene through the American Indian Community House (AICH) in NYC". "This is where I met up with other members and in 1987 began to form what became Ulali...This is where we were a part of the beginnings of The Indigenous Permanent Forums at the United Nations". "This is where we became active all over Indian Country with our music, that was our activism...till this day we are all family forever connected". "Presently I live in Canada and writing a film for Rezolution Pictures, working with First Nations Dance and Theater Troops and recording an album".
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Pura Fe's Sessions

Cultural Presentation

Performance by Pura Fé
Date: March 17, 2021
Time: 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm